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November 21, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 26

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Day 26: Declutter the Coat Closet


Where is your designated spot for guests’ coats, shoes and belongings? We have a decent-sized coat closet, but ordinarily it is pretty maxed out with our own family’s stuff. Today, I’m clearing out all non-essentials to make space for company. Our extra coats, jackets and shoes will go to our own closets or the basement. I’m temporarily moving anything that doesn’t have to be stored here (like the vacuum cleaner) and adding an extra over-the-door hanger to provide extra storage.



If your home does not have a coat closet, do you have adequate hooks or a coat rack near the door? If you live in a region where guests typically remove their shoes at the door, or if it could potentially be rainy or snowy when you entertain, plan for boot trays, bins, or shoe racks. Planning for this now will help you avoid awkwardly carrying armloads of your own “stuff” down the hall while guests are arriving.


Happy Cleaning!

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