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November 19, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge — Day 24

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Day 24:  Set Up a Quick-Clean Mini Zone in the Guest Bathroom

Today’s challenge is to set up a quick-clean mini zone in your guest bathroom. The idea is to corral into a bucket (or other favorite container) basic, bathroom cleaning products. Then, tuck the bucket under the sink or in another cupboard in your bathroom. (If you have young children, be sure to keep these items out of their reach.)


Once your quick-clean station is set up, if guests stop by unexpectedly, there’s no need to worry about the bathroom. You can discretely slip away into the bathroom and give it a quick clean. (How great is that?) Not only with this give you peace of mind during the holidays, but it will also simplify keeping the bathroom tidy every single day.



My quick-clean mini zone includes a small spray bottle of window cleaner, some Bon Ami decanted into a glass shaker jar, and some cleaning cloths. If you set one up, I’d love to hear what you put in yours.


Thanks for sharing, and have a terrific Saturday!



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I have a similar station already set up - except I have a squirt bottle with a vinegar/water mix and a shaker filled with bicarb (baking soda) for my cleaning. I use an old ripped up towel for cleaning and an old ripped up sheet for polishing the mirrors. About as organised and environmentally friendly (not to mention anti-allergy since I have multiple chemical sensitivity) as a cleaning station can get. Oh, and the bicarb and vinegar works better than any commercial cleaners I have ever tried - they just take a little more elbow grease ;)


Just wanted to check in, say hello, and tell you how awesome this challenge has been! I've been sticking pretty faithfully to the challenges, modifying them for my own situation, etc, and it's been great. In fact, today, my husband and I ran into friends at the store and we invited them over tonight for dessert. I had zero (zero!) stress about this, because I knew my home was ready for entertaining guests! Thanks for all the great encouragement and ideas!


I've been following along without commenting, but I feel like I'm making lots of progress. Our bathroom was on The List from day two. I now have a stocked cleaning station and solved some of the "ughs" that were bothering me . Thank you for the inspiration and suggestions.,

Allie Bruski

I also keep a vinegar spray under my sink always and with 2 littles it is much safer! I use washcloths that are alway in my bathroom to clean. I should put a clean hand towel too. I like the shaker idea. Thanks Aby!! Do you have any fresh smell ideas for the bathroom that don't involve perfumey stuff? We're allergic.


Hey Allie, have you thought about trying real vanilla? Just pop a few drops of a good vanilla extract on a cotton ball and leave it in the corner of your bathroom, refresh as needed. Herbal teabags work well, too - I have strawberry, cranberry and loganberry teabags sitting on my top towel rack (I have coach racks on my wall for spare towels), but anywhere out of sight but in the air works ;)

You could always try a scented plant, like rosemary, lemon verbena or mint (or whatever scent you prefer) in the bathroom of growing conditions permit.


PK, those are great suggestions!! Does anyone else have ideas for Allie?

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