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November 10, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 15

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Day 15: Declutter Disposable Party Supply Goods


If you are entertaining during this holiday season, spend time decluttering your paper plates and napkins, plastic cups and plastic silverware. Estimate your number of guests and add the items you need to pick up to your shopping list. Even if you don’t plan to use paper/plastic goods, spend time doing a declutter nonetheless. 


28-days-party-supply-inventory -

You can snag this free printable here! (Download 28 Day Challenge - Party Supply Inventory - copyright


I am drawn to seasonal and patterned plates and napkins, but I just realized this makes little sense from a clutter perspective. Leftovers end up being out of season or else too few to use for guests at another time, so they float around in my tub of paper/plastic goods until they are too shabby to consider using. What a waste! I have made a decision to buy only white plates and napkins, and only clear cups and silverware from now on. I actually like the clean look of these. Plus, they are always easy to find, will never go out of season, and can be readily used without a “mismatch” scenario. I’m pretty excited over thinking of a way to simplify my paper and plastic goods!


Happy Cleaning!

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P.S. Where do you store your paper/plastic supplies? We keep ours in a bin in the basement since it's something we use very rarely. This is just one tip I have gleaned from Aby, and she will be sharing loads more in her amazing new Organize Your Kitchen video workshop, which starts today! 


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Yeah, another printable! I keep my paper products + untensils in a container in the garage. I feel like I'm always looking in it to see what I have or need to pick up before a party. Love the idea of just being able to refer to my handy dandy inventory sheet.

Jennifer, I agree that the holiday prints are so fun but so much easier to go with white and clear products. Or I suppose any other neutral color would work.

Loving this challenge! Thank you, Aby and Jennifer!

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