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November 22, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 27

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Day 27: Sweep Your Entryway

Leaves, spiderwebs, debris, kids' toys, out-of-season items... these can all add up to a less-than-welcoming entryway for visitors. Grab your broom and perhaps a multi-purpose cleaner, and head outside. Many of us enter through a garage or side entrance -- or we enter the house so often -- that we often fail to notice any trouble spots. Try walking up to your front door with fresh eyes. Pretend to be a visitor, and see what you notice. Remove dead plants and anything else that doesn't belong. Use the cleaner to make your door sparkle. Then give the stoop a good sweeping. Now step back and take another look at the welcoming entrance your guests will find!




Happy Cleaning,

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