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November 03, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Day 8

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Day 8:  Clean Behind Your Stove and Refrigerator


If it’s been a while since you scooted your big kitchen appliances out to clean underneath them, today’s the day. (Or at a minimum, today is the day to line up help and arrange for it to be done if this job is too much to tackle on your own.) Pull the appliances out from their usual homes, taking care with any power, water or gas lines. I like to start by washing down the appliances’ sides as well as surrounding cabinet sides, and end with sweeping and mopping the floor.


Kitchen_stove-copyright simplify101

This is certainly a thankless task and one that is not likely to add shine or have your family members oohing and ahhhing. But, if you have ever had a guest drop something in the kitchen that requires them to get down on their hands and knees (and honestly I find this to be pretty common when entertaining), you’ll be glad you tackled this job now. It’s no fun to have a guest reach for an errant olive and pull out a dust bunny instead!

Happy Cleaning!

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Strange Question. Who is jennifer? I keep seeing posts by her but no bio or picture I see aby's picture.

Can someone fill me in.


Hi, April! Not a strange question at all. :) I joined simplify 101 just a few months back as the marketing+content coordinator. Aby introduced me on the blog here and you can find my bio about midway down this page . Cheers!


Thank you Jennifer. I guess I so missed that blog post. Thought I was on it pretty often =-)

A late welcome!


Thanks, April! :)


I too had to think back to post where Aby introduced you, but this was the first time that I have seen a post by you.

I pulled out my fridge today for the first time in *ahem* years... (it scratches up the hardwood floors, so it is not something that I tend to wrestle out by myself,) and I was shocked to find out that I hadn't been putting the underneath drip tray back in properly. To make a long story short, we need to replace the hardwood floor under the fridge because of water damage and mold, eww!!!


Nancy, way to go on wrestling the fridge out, but oh, what a bummer of a thing to discover.


Also, thanks for the "who is Jennifer" questions! You've got Aby and I thinking of some ways to improve on that.


When we used to rent our landlords refused to pay for termite treatments. We pulled the fridge back at least 2 times a year to get rid of the little buggers and spray for them.

Now that I have moved I can say for 7+ years we have not pulled it out but its too heavy to do for a while till at least when the freezer starts to empty a bit and I dont refill it. Might move to the new year, but a good idea none the less.


I'm sort of working backwards. did this today and also descaled and cleaned the insides and filters on the appliances too - feels good

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