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November 12, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Days 17 + 18

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Day 17: Deep Clean Floors

I'm able to vacuum over spots on the carpet without really even noticing them. That is, until I'm vacuuming just before guests are expected. Then suddenly I realize I’ve got more scrubbing to do than time to do it! Does this ever happen to you? Today, let’s give our floors a deep cleaning.


I've decided my carpets are in need of more than my small shampooer can provide, so I'm arranging for a professional carpet cleaning. (This is a popular time of year, so it can be tricky to get this scheduled!) I'm foregoing the regular mop to spend some hands-and-knees time on the tile floors, and I will go the extra step to clean and polish the hard wood. 


Day 18: Clean Baseboards



When it comes to cleaning the baseboards, I like to assign this task to my children. I think this is one of those chores that they are capable of doing a very good job on, plus they are just closer to the floor than I am anyway! I think I'll let them pick between a microfiber cloth or the electrostatic duster, and for added motivation we will crank up whatever music they choose. Now it's more like a party!


Speaking of parties, take a few minutes to celebrate everything you have accomplished so far in this 28-day challenge! Let us know what you are most happy to have checked off your list.


Happy Cleaning!

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My friends think I invite them over because I like them. They're partially right, but really it's just a great excuse to clean my house thoroughly. Today, I had 13 women friends over for an event. Yesterday, I cleaned with abandon, incl. the yucky stuff I would prefer to never do. I took down dust-coated blinds and gave them a bath; cleaned the base boards; and vacuumed and dusted everything. If only it would stay like this, I would be such a happy woman! If they can invent self-cleaning ovens, why can't someone invent self-cleaning houses? My inquiring mind wants to know.


I'm with you Suzanne! I would be all over that self-cleaning home. :) ~ Aby


Just borrowed the steam cleaner from my sister-in-law and waiting until I get the tree up this coming weekend then we can get the floors done. Suzanne I think you're onto something. One can dream!!!!


I had my carpet cleaned in October before I hosted a surprise birthday party for my husband. Last weekend, baseboard cleaning was on my to-do list. Since my boys were fighting with each other all morning, I assigned the older one the doors and younger one the baseboards. Two things were accomplished: (1) My doors and baseboards were cleaned (but only the upstairs, sigh) and (2) My boys decided that they should get along with each other before there were more unplanned chores for them to do!

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