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November 14, 2011

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays: 28 Day Challenge – Days 19

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Day 19:  Declutter the Family Room

In my home, the family room is a place we spend a lot of time during the holidays, and all winter long, for that matter. So as we prepare our homes for the upcoming seasons, today is the day to start giving this room a bit of extra TLC. Today, let’s focus on clearing any surface clutter. Recycle any old newspapers or magazines that may be sitting on the coffee table or end tables. Return items that don’t belong in the family room to where they do belong. Continue on with cutting the surface clutter by corralling remotes and game controllers into a bucket or canvas bin.



Then, declutter your DVD and/or CD collection. This will help create space for any new video games, movies or CDs that you or a family member just might have on your holiday wish list. 



How are you doing with the daily challenges? Is your home feeling more guest-ready? We'd love to hear! 


Happy decluttering!



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I just redid our DVDs. Sunday night! I put them in a 120 capaciity disk gear. I had one previously but new DVDs and cases were pilling up. I through away more cases and my tv cabinet looks so nice with one leather holder and a binder with the sleeves.


Great idea Debbie! Sounds like a great project!!


Love your polka dot remote bucket. Would you mind sharing where you purchased it?

I purged our dvds on Saturday afternoon. We have two dvd baskets that were bursting at the seams. I've decided that we'll keep enough dvds to fill the baskets and that's all. Well, that's the idea at least....;)


Hi, Keri,

That bucket came from a site called good pails to have. I just googled them...and it doesn't look like they're around anymore. So sad...they were cute buckets.


Debra Hurst

For several months now I've been scanning all loose paper into my computer but onto a flash drive which is also backed up. This includes bill payments that I hold onto for six months & then purge, any tax related, ideas & pictures I like off of the internet & from magazines--you get the idea. I'm trying to go as paperless a possible. I'm so glad I found your site. ---Deb---

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